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  • Searching Classics for you
    Advise and support buying and selling your Classic. Are you looking for a specific type of Classic Car, just let us know. We will be very glad to help you find your Classic Car. Wherever that car may be, we will at least try to find it. Have you seen your classic for sale, and you want us to help you negotiating? No problem, we know how we can help.
  • Estimating the current value of your Classic
    Everybody who owns a Classic Car is interested in the current market value of the car. We can help you valuing your Classic Car and provide you with statistics about the historical value curve. This is very useful when thinking about selling your Classic Car but can even help you to decide to sell or not to sell. We might even try to predict the future value, although we do not have a crystal ball 😉
  • History search of your Classic
    The difference between two Classic Cars of the same marque and type is most often it’s history. Sometimes the history of the Classic Car is well documented but most of the time there are traces but … In that case we can definitely help you. We trace the history of your car to the bottom.
  • Professional photoshoot of your Classic
    In our studio we are equipped to make the most beautiful pictures of your Classic Car. Overall pictures or in detail. The only restriction for the photoshoot shoot is … cars only.
  • Learn how to drive a Classic
    Call to all youngsters who want to learn how to drive a Classic Car You are between eleven and seventeen, have never driven a Classic Car or even a car? Then this is for YOU. Contact us and learn how to drive a Classic Car. You can choose almost any car at this website to drive with. The lessons will be given on non-public roads so NO DRIVERS LICENCE NEEDED. Afterwards you will be getting a certificate, a picture and a video of you driving that Bentley, Lotus Esprit, TVR … An experience to remember.
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