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Middlebridge Scimitar


Herman Deroost


Middlebridge Scimitar Ltd acquired the manufacturing rights and all tooling for the Reliant Scimitar GTE and the convertible GTC version in 1987. Hand built at the Middlebridge Scimitar plant in Beeston, Nottingham at a rate of 300 cars per year (never attained), the new GTE retained the classic Ogle sports estate design penned by Tom Karen. It is powered by a Ford 2.9 Litre fuel injected Scorpio engine that produces 150BHP. It has either a five speed manual gearbox or a four speed automatic unit available as an optional extra and a top speed of 140 + mph. The road holding and stability of the car has been improved with modified front and rear shock absorbers, springs and an anti-roll bar is now fitted at the rear. (The handling modifications were the work of suspension Guru’s Harvey Bailey) A stainless steel exhaust is included as standard and there is improved galvanising to the chassis together with anti corrosion treatment on all the steelwork in the body. (Up to 100 hours were spent on each car preparing the bodywork.)

Whilst the classic lines of the GTE were retained, Middlebridge added new alloy wheels, redesigned rear light clusters and halogen headlamps. Paint finishes were offered which included pearlescence and dual tone colour schemes. The interior of the car was improved with higher quality trim, Four head restraints and a quad speaker Alpine radio/cassette. The fascia’s were also upgraded with glare free instruments, electric windows and heated door mirrors were also added. The car is fitted with a twenty gallon fuel tank which can give a range of up to 600 miles and the average touring consumption rate for the manual version is 35 mpg and 30 + mpg for the auto. The sale price for a new Middlebridge was £24,000.00 + extras and a total of 77 were built.

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