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Herman Deroost


What a unique way to own a legendary NSU RO80. See and hear the magnificant sound of the twin WANKEL engine. This is the project that you are looking for. An original car and complete car.

The NSU Ro 80 is a four-door, front-engine sedan manufactured and marketed by the West German firm NSU from 1967 until 1977.[1]

Noted for innovative, aerodynamic styling by Claus Luthe and a technologically advanced powertrain, the Ro 80 featured a 84 kW (113 bhp), 995 cc twin-rotor Wankel engine driving the front wheels through a semi-automatic transmission with an innovative vacuum operated clutch system. Engine dimensions (Comotor units): length 16.22 in. -412 mm; width 13.5 in. -340 mm, height 13.5 in. -340 mm, weight 223 pounds -101 kg. Power: 107 HP at 6’500 rpm; torque: 14 mKg at 3.000 rpm (all figures approximate).

The Ro 80 was voted Car of the Year for 1968 and 37,398 units were manufactured over a ten-year production run, all in a single generation.

About this car

She has had a normal life this RO80. Not abused but in a normal way taken care for. The engine runs. Stubborn at times, willing at others. The car does not drive at this specific moment due to the brakes that we had to free completely to get her moving. Finished in grey-blue something colour is outstandingly expressing her smooth lines. Smooth lines that were extreme for that time and even today. She has the looks.

On the outside

Finished in Grey-Blue-ish original paint she shows very little rust throughout. The widely curved front tells you someone was thinking aerodynamics at the design table. Lights perfectly integrated and bumper underlying. Lights are working and the chrome is in good order. Doors, boot and bonnet all opening and closing well. Rubbers are all there and in good condition even around the sunroof. Alloy wheels all around giving the car a perfect sporty feel. A little higher at the back she shows her need for speed.

On the inside

Open the boot and you will notice this is hardy used. All is in place. Getting behind the wheel the velour’s seat shows normal wear and stresses she is used in a caring way. You will find a sporty non original steering wheel in front of you. No worries, the original one is on the back seat. Both steering wheel of very good quality. Dial in the futuristic dashboard are all there and in good working condition. Windows all in place and working. Inner lining all there and again very good. Ah and then we have the inner console, there isn’t any. Strange, two pedals in the pedal box, so the is a car with automatic transmission, right? But there is a gear lever that shows there are four gears!? What’s all this? No panic stay cool. Yes, this car has two pedals in front of you and yes there is a gear shifter showing there are four gears. The clutch is operated by the gearlever knob. Just feel the wobbling knob. Right, there is a switch in the knob operating the clutch. Strange isn’t it. But quite exiting to I believe.


Opening the hood will give you a shock. Unless you know the build of a rotary engine of course. You will not even close find the view of a normal engine. Look closely and you will discover the sparkplug wires and the sparkplugs, so there is something you know. The lump of lightweight metal in front of you holds two triangles that are swept around and giving an enormous power compared to the engine volume. Firing her up, please pray she feels like being in a good mood, she will give a very specific rotary sound. Push the accelerator and you will be even more convinced that this is a powerful motor.

All in all, all parts are there and in original condition.


Scolling the local 2nd hands websites all of a sudden there was an RO80 for sale. Immediately we contacted the seller and closed the deal by phone. The seller found the car when he was trying to buy some scooters because that is the business that he is in. The RO80 was in the scooter package. The car is an original Belgian car having all Belgian papers

Pricewise the RO80 isn’t for sale that often. One thing for sure, this car is a good buy at this price.

Please come and see the car, she is located with us at our premises. Since we are collectors and not sellers please contact us before you come over. Just to make sure we are there and not cruising around.

If you want to see additional pictures, please ask what pictures you want. We will take them and send them to you.

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