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Rover 2000 TC


Herman Deroost


The Rover P6 series (named as the 2000, 2200, or 3500, depending on engine displacement) was a saloon car produced by Rover and subsequently British Leyland from 1963 to 1977 in Solihull, West Midlands, England, UK.

The P6 was the first winner of the European Car of the Year award.

The Series II, or Mark II as it was actually named by Rover, was launched in 1970. All variants carried the battery in the boot and had new exterior fixtures such as a plastic front air intake (to replace the alloy version), new bonnet pressings (with V8 blips even for the 4-cylinder-engined cars) and new rear lights. The interior of the 2000TC versions was updated with new instrumentation with circular gauges and rotary switches.

About this Rover 2000 TC 1972

On the outside.

This car is an example of a car well used. Well maintained and had an easy life mostly in France and Spain. There are dents and scratches but carried with pride. The chrome work and rubber trim are all present and are in good condition. The under sills are renewed several years ago and the body is almost rust-free. Overall, the bodywork is straight with shut lines and panel gaps very good. Opening the doors and feeling underneath you will find a clean and straight line. You will also be attracted to the boot lid and find the Rover emblem, hiding the hole where the spare wheel can be mounted. Very cool, that spare wheel on top of the boot lid. The spare looks as never been used. And by the way the four other wheels are in very good condition.

On the Inside

Open any door, stick your head inside, take a goog breath. You are back in the seventies. All that leader, very nice wooden two spoke steering wheel, thick carpet, headliner… The interior is in a good, clean, tidy condition. The instrument panel is the one with the round dials and all working. The car has 150000 km, you cannot see that at the inside. An all original interior in this condition is hard to find. In the boot area the condition is good, not excellent since the side covers deformed due to age. The car comes with a full-size spare wheel, jack and some tools.


The engine starts on the button and runs very smoothly. Respond to the throttle on the spot with a very nice sound saying, I’m ready to hit the road. Of course, this will never be a racing car, but even in today’s traffic she can cope up. The bodywork the engine department and the whole underside of the car are almost completely rust-free. If you can find rust, it is at most surface rust.


When driving this once innovative car you will find yourself behind the wheel of a very stable non rattling cruiser. Accelerates nicely, brakes even better. The only item that is up for improvement is the gearshift lever. The gearshift lever finds its way through the gears easily. Without hesitation you go int first gear, second, third and four through butter. Full stop, lever up, to your left and backwards into reverse, there we go. Parked, handbrake on and ready to do whatever you like.


Looking through the history documents of the car you will discover that she was an official French police car driven by a French inspector. He made the right choice between a DS Citroën and this magnificent Rover 2000 TC. The installed two tone compressed air horn is one of the remains of her police past.

What we think

We love the fact that this Rover is ‘dans son jus’. A car as well as it can, unrestored, be. The magnificent looks as you approach her, the beautiful sound when firing up. The acceleration and brake performance make it one we want to use every day. Driving around small roads and cruising the motorway. This is the car a purist gets warmed up for.

We expect that the next keeper of the car will have to pay considerately more in a few years’ time then the price that we ask today. So not a bad investment too.

Please come and see the car, she is located with us at our premises. Since we are collectors and not sellers please contact us before you come over. Just to make sure we are there and not cruising around.

If you want to see additional pictures, please ask what pictures you want. We will take them and send them to you.

Well, reading this you are on your way to be her next keeper!

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