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Triumph Renown TDC


Herman Deroost


The Triumph Renown is strictly the name given to the Triumph‘s large saloon car made from 1949 to 1954 but it is, in reality, part of a three-car series of the 1800, 2000 and Renown models. Together with the Triumph Roadster, they were the first vehicles to carry the Triumph badge following the company’s takeover by the Standard Motor Company.

The Triumph Razoredge Owner’s Club Ltd, formed in 1975, provides support to the remaining Razoredge saloons. As of 2016, the Club knows of around 250 of these cars distributed worldwide. The later two series of cars with chassis numbers commencing TDB and TDC have survived better than the earlier two variants. This may be due to the commonality of most of the mechanical parts with the Standard Vanguard which was produced during the same period.

These cars provide an elegant sedate motoring experience.

Triumph Renown Mk II TDC 1952–54

The final version of the Renown used the longer-wheelbase chassis from the limousine. It is easily distinguished from the earlier cars by virtue of the push button door handles and the wider rear window.

Of the 2800 produced, only 150 remain worldwide.

This specific car was build 18th October 1954 – almost the last – and original colour was black with brown interior. This makes this car unique as stated in the TROC letter. As you can see the car is still in it’s original state.

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